Thursday, May 22, 2008

What's in a kick?

One of my good friends has this disgusting habit of walking into swanky outlets, scavenging for the lowest priced items and then, haggling over the prices and trying to drive a bargain.

On one such visit to a football apparel store, he was taking an annoyingly long time to decide on his purchase. When he did decide, he asked for a bargain as usual. The irritated salesperson refused outright. My friend then did the unthinkable and asked "Don't I get something free with this?" The salesperson said - "Yeah. A free kick!"


The Washington Redskins have decided to sue Royal Challengers Bangalore.
Apparently, their cheerleaders have forgotten the art of cheering after their stint with Team Bangalore!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Knock knock...

Knock knock...

"Who's there?"


"No, this is my house!!! You go."

Pun intended.

If asked to describe Hillary Clinton's campaign, what would Barrack Obama most probably say?

"It is Hillary-ous!!!"

Friday, May 2, 2008

Life as he knew it

He lived in a life for nine months,
and then moved on from the cord to the nipple.
By the nipple he fed,
oblivious to the travesties of life.
In the cradle he loved,
wanting to be loved by all that he beheld.
And he lived not by himself,
for dependent on others he was.
It was, but an infant's life.

Outrunning them all,
he fell victim to the rule of the race.
Trying to satisfy his dear ones,
he separated from all that were dear to him.
His was a life in forlorn,
friends were the exception and never the norm.
And he lived not for himself,
but for the career that was never his to be chosen.
It was, but a servile life.

Responsibilities he took on galore,
family and friends looked up to him.
He tried to please them all,
but fall he did and very hard.
The fall was in vain,
because the liabilities only grew.
And he lived in free fall,
falling into a pit and ever trying to stand up.
It was, but a life of burden.

He tried to find peace,
but piece by piece the search took of him.
Sobriety was never his trait,
for he had lent it to the world and forgotten about it.
Heart his beat for life,
a life that he never believed in.
And he tried to bring order,
only finding disorder to be better.
It was, but a loser's life.

And then, he found the solution.
A solution, that was simple enough for him to understand.
He sought trust from within himself and which he discovered easily.
It was difficult to comprehend, but believed he, it would work.
Trial was not an option, he had to plunge headlong.
But confident he was, victory would be his for the taking.
And so he bid goodbye to the world,
killing himself and his suffering.
It was, but his life at last.