Wednesday, March 26, 2008

and i 'm off the mark!!!

hello world!!!

bah, as if the world has no better job than looking at my blog! well, that would be the typical me, picking at everyone, yours truly included!!! i am psychic, true. :)

anyway, let me introduce myself or rather try to, because i am not sure if i know myself!!!

i was named vinay sainath, cuppala varadarajulu. dad is an ardent devotee of shirdi sai baba and hence, sainath. mom wanted to name me vinay and voila, vinay sainath, the name, was created! cuppala is my family name and varadarajulu is my dad. i guess the above info is as far as i can get to, without any kind of uncertainty. as i told you, i do not know myself!!!

i did my schooling in a quaint, little school in basaveswaranagar, bangalore. it had a real conservative name, S Cadambi Vidya Kendra. bother not if you haven't heard of it, cos' it will be famous soon. i mean i studied there and so, it has to be famous this time or the other!!! i loved my school, man. it was not the perfect school that people dream of, but it was a school with characters straight out of a Shakespearean play!!! so, that kind of made up for the utter lack of facilities!!! let me not get into details (psst...i wish to post my blogs in the public domain, so!!).

i passed out of school on time. phew, thank God for that!

pre university was a cakewalk. but that was until my final exams. cos' they were pathetic, an all-time disaster.
i came out unscathed, anyway and joined BMSCE. now, this is what i am talking about or rather, want to talk about.

getting into bms was like a dream coming true for me. i wasn't so interested in becoming an engineer, as i was about getting into bms!!! talk about fancies!!!:) anyway, i was the last person to get a mechanical engineering seat in bms. now, try beating that!

my years in bms were extraordinary, truly. but then, the college is not ordinary, either. :) anyway, was part of a really humongous friend circle. and hell, it was disparate in every sense of the word. wherever i was in campus, i used to bump into one friend or the other. and yes, i had fun. and how?! you know, i just decided to post new blogs on some of the colorful characters in college (watch this space!!). but hell, you know what they say...good things never last!!! four years passed by like a drag. i never realized it. and i hate myself for that.

if i type anything beyond this, it will start to bore. so, i am gonna end here (don't thank God for that, thank me!! i am just being merciful ;) ).

and hell, i 'm off the mark!!!

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