Friday, June 27, 2008

The Lesser Devil 1

As a child, I was always encouraged to stand up for what I believe in, without hesitation or fear. And today, when I post this article about my preference for the Indian National Congress (INC) over other parties of our polity, I know I am braving the wrath of the middle class, the anti-reservationists, the poor farmers, the labour unions, most of my friends, etc. or at least I think I am. Anyway, here I am and here I post.

Most people say India is better off without the INC. Most people say India could have been much better if not for the the INC. Most people say INC is responsible for most of India's shortcomings. Most people say INC is the reason for all the filth in India. And most probably, you are one of them.

Well, I have news for you, then. This very party fought for and won for us, independence. This very party gave us our proudest heritage-democracy. This very party ensured us 61 years of the Nation. This very party gave us years of uninhibited growth. This very party gave us the higher education institutions, the ones that we work so hard to get admission into. This very party connected the Nation like never before with highways and telecommunication. This very party set up the Navratnas, the pillars of Indian industry. This very party set up the irrigation projects that bring deliverance to our farmers and their farms. This very party gave us the technology for the Great Indian Bomb.

This does not wish away the sins of the INC, though. They have been party to deep-rooted corruption, maladroit administrations, communal politics, witch-hunting and all other like-maladies, but then politics is power and power corrupts. And so too, with the INC. People talk about alternatives to the Congress. Are these alternatives better than the Congress? Nah, not by a far shot. In fact, the Congress has time and again proven to be the best alternative among the lot and not, without reason.

The Congress seems to be the 'party with a difference' and unlike its rivals, does not stop at just claiming that. It delivers, in part or full, the promises it makes. The reasons for my believing so, I will cite in one of my following posts.

And so, my vote will always be for The Lesser Devil, the Indian National Congress.

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