Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Journey - 1

Poor and angry I was,
Nothing but a mongrel I was.
I could do nothing for my dear,
Until my guardian came near.
He showed me the way,
And I was soothed by his say.

Anything he took care of,
Faith, I was to be made of.
He taught me a lot,
Evil or Good, I never thought.
Glory would follow, he said,
And so, never low I laid.

He said I was to behold,
The way to God.
And so, I made my journey,
Assured of Heaven's key.
My ultimate weapon was anger,
And so grew my hunger.

I did as asked,
At will, I walked.
They feared the message,
It only added to the rage.
But finally I did depart,
Happy about my part.

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